How social media is affecting your life and what you can do about it

Did you know social media affects your brain nearly every time you use it? Even though there are many positive outcomes of social media networks, we can’t deny the fact that it also has some worse consequences too.

So here are a few things that you should keep in mind if you’re a regular social media user.

FACT #1 : Number of followers & likes never define your reputation

We live in a digital era where our success is measured by the number of followers we have and the number of likes our posts get. This is a trap! Don’t ever get caught up in this numbers game.

Go for quality over quantity.

What matters is the quality of the connections and the communities, not the quantity. Nothing matters as long as the community you’re in is highly inspirational and only surrounded by beautiful souls.

Remember, our success or any kind of social standard cannot be measured by the number of followers to our profile/ page & likes our posts get.

FACT #2 : The accounts you follow affect your emotional and mental well-being a lot.

Choose the social media accounts you follow wisely.

This is a well-known but less concerning fact. You might even think it’s rather useless. You already know that the accounts/ pages/ groups you follow are what make your newsfeed.

So, only follow the accounts/ pages/ groups that inspire you or enlighten you.

Don’t forget that the options for unfollowing, mute, or blocking are always there because you have your own personal power to choose whatever best suits your mind. They always assist us in setting up boundaries for us and our accounts.

FACT #3 : Social media is not for comparing your life with others.

I must mention, that this is another trap that you should not fall into. Frankly speaking, we all have been here, haven’t we?

Comparisons actually are not that bad, for they help us to measure our own progress and give some inspiration.

However, comparisons do have a negative impact on us since they can create negative vibes and lead us to think that we’re not doing enough. That’s when the problem begins.

Social media has the power to make you feel inadequate about yourself: your appearance, your wealth, your health, your skills, and the list goes on. It can cause dissatisfaction, envy, and insecurity.

One thing you should keep in your mind is that everyone posts ONLY their most beautiful moments on Instagram or Facebook. This is a universal truth that is even applicable to you and me.

We all have some stories that we never want to share with anyone else. People never post about their heartbreaks, downfalls, or struggles on social media, especially on Instagram.

Out of those million photographs they take, people finally choose the best photograph to post: the most romantic photo, the cutest smile, or the most lavish-looking photo.

Keep in mind that the two-second snapshot is always not their true life. We never know what goes behind the scenes. Those images are just manipulated or represent a person’s highlight reel.

Don’t compare one’s best moment with your worst moment. Simply keep in mind that what you’re seeing isn’t always the reality.

FACT #4 : Social media is not a coping mechanism.

Do you see social media as a way to distract yourself from uncomfortable feelings or bitter emotions? Is it your way to deal with and try to overcome difficulties and problems? Well then, you might have not noticed, but sadly victimized. Because social media is most likely to make you feel worse than to feel comfortable.

Think about this. Every time you feel down, bored, or lonely, do you turn to social media networks? If yes, you have chosen social media as an unhealthy method of coping with unpleasant emotions or feelings.

When disputes take place online, fear, rage, depression, and anxiety might also lead towards you naturally.

FACT #5 : Take breaks regularly.

Being aware of the limits of how often you should use social media and taking breaks is so important.

It’s true that social media brings people closer. It creates enriched, awesome digital connections. But don’t ever let social media replace real human connections.

Take time away from technology and use it for having real conversations with your family or friends. Moreover, be productive and use that time to read, write, exercise, take walks, paint, or do whatever activity that relaxes your body and mind.

Simply, disconnect from tech for a moment in order to reconnect with yourself.


Using social media too frequently can ultimately lead us to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, isolation, loneliness, and sadness.

Remember, always your real life should be your main focus. Your inner thoughts, feelings, emotions, friendships, and relationships should not be confused with the things you meet on social media.

Nevertheless, if you feel that social media has started to interfere with your real life, then it’s time you evaluate your online habits.

Social media can have the worst consequences on your mental health. If you notice any difference in your feelings and need help, it’s always advised to meet a doctor or a counselor so that you’ll be better again with proper treatment.

Practice good social media habits by being mindful of your behavior.

What’s your personal opinion on using social media? Do you agree with the above facts? Do let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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