How do we find more joy in our lives? Here are 5 rules to live by for a happier life.

Is it possible to create a happier life? Are you putting your happiness on hold until a mythical day in the future?

The truth is it’s possible to make your life happier right now. With practice, you can cultivate happiness over time, just like anything else.

These 5 secrets are great to follow if you want to make your life more satisfying and happier.  

TIP #1: Embrace and accept yourself.

Not everyone gets the chance to live their ideal life. You have to work hard for that and be patient until the right time arrives. If you too are not yet living your dream life, you have to be patient and be focused on your targets.

If you focus on elsewhere instead of working towards your goals, it will do nothing but drain all of your energy.

You should not struggle within yourself, not for anything. Struggles only leave your energy tank empty so that you’ll have no strength or no motivation for chasing your dreams.

In life we all have to understand the difference between the things that we can change and the things that we cannot change.

Don’t try to change the things which cannot be changed. Instead learn to embrace and accept them.

Live with a happy heart and a light touch. Ultimately, you’ll feel freedom and energy in your life.    

TIP #2: Every day is a gift!

Wake up with gratitude for the brand-new day that you’ve been gifted.

Not everyone gets the chance to see the beauty of the world for one more day. But you made it!

We all live amidst many obstacles. And we cannot escape from these problems unless we find a proper solution for them.

So practice to appreciate the brand new day that you’ve been given.

Make this new day an amazing chance to experience life adventures, explore the world, discover new opportunities, grow, glow, love, laugh, give, dream, help, fulfill life’s dreams and discover your own self.

TIP #3: Get in touch with your heart and soul. 

Your heart and soul are the eternal essence of yours. Get in touch with your heart and soul each day.

Start writing a journal. Spend some time in nature. Practice meditation. Through mindfulness meditation you can find affirmation and peace in yourselves.

TIP #4: See the beauty within people.

Sometimes people might do things that annoy you, disappoint you, embarrass you and hurt you. Sometimes people might not have anything common with you at all.

Learn to see beyond these external factors and keep focusing on the common morality and humanity you share with each other.  

Learn to accept and forgive others whenever you can.

If you feel all your efforts become useless, just neglect, and cut off the toxic people from your life.

TIP #5: Accept yourself.

We might not be able to live our ideal life. Your current life might be far from what you’re dreaming of. If you worry over the things in your life, and struggle against those things, you’re losing your energy. It will do nothing but drain all your strength and leave nothing left for you to work for your dreams.

That’s why you need to practice the art of acceptance. One thing I’ve learned in my life is that we have to understand the things we can change.


It takes practice to cultivate happiness, like anything else. It’s not something that happens overnight. But there are things you can do every day if you’re intending to create a happier and a satisfying life. Apply these new ways of thinking to every aspect in your life.

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