Overwhelmed? Disorganized? Here are some easy & proven ways to build good habits & break bad ones for a healthier and happier life.

Is it difficult for you to follow the self-care routines you find through the Internet?

For a long time, I too faced difficulties in following self-care routines. The first reason was I was too busy all the time like most of you are. And the next reason was I just didn’t know what exactly I should do. So, I kept putting off my self-care plans for later.

But, at a certain point in my life I learned that taking some time for myself is a must and is incredibly important to my wellbeing as well as my mental health. At first, I thought it was too hard for me to follow. But eventually I realized that self-care is surprisingly easy to do.

If you’re lost in the track and don’t know where to start your self-care journey, here are 6 simple tips you can definitely try to become a better you. They have truly worked wonders on me.

TIP #1 : Remember that you matter, always!

Acknowledging yourself that it’s never selfish to look after yourself. It is a must for your mental peace and happiness as well as physical wellbeing.

You too have needs. You too deserve care, rest, peace, and sustenance, like any other else does. You too have dreams, wishes, and hopes. And it always matters that you take time to accomplish things that make your heart come alive.

Think about how far you’ve come, the obstacles that you’ve overcome and the lessons you’ve learned through your life. 

TIP #2 : Make a sleep routine

At what time do you usually go to sleep? Isn’t there a consistent time for you to go to bed at night?

Sleep is very important for us since it’s the way to allow our body and mind to recharge. When we wake up after a good sleep, we are left with refreshed and alert. Our brain can’t function properly if we don’t get a good sleep.

And having a proper sleep schedule is also important because it prepares us to disconnect mentally.

If you have trouble falling asleep, create a plan that helps to prepare you for bedtime. To wind down, you can try reading a book or meditating for a while before bed. Dimming the lights will also help you fall asleep since it sends signals to your brain to produce the sleep hormone, melatonin.

If you’re the kind of person who spends hours and hours in front of the computer, this little tip will work well.

TIP #3 : Organize

What does your room look like? How often do you clean the room or organize the room?

Researchers have shown that the environment around you can affect your mental health. So, an untidy, disorganized and unclean living place can actually drive you towards depression, stress and also weight gain!

Look around you. Do you find yourself surrounded by a lot of clutter and mess? If yes is the answer, it’s the right time to start decluttering and organizing the things around you.

Take the necessary steps to transform your room into a cleaner and tidier place. This is crucial for yourself as well as your mental health.

Start sorting through the things one after the other. And finally create a beautiful place that gives you peace of mind.

TIP #4 : Do something you love

Restore yourself. Are there any hobbies you would love to do?

Try to recall the things that made you happy when you were a child. Was it listening to the sound of the rain? Or to feel the smell of a new book? Or was it seeing the butterflies flying? Maybe it was walking down the lawn or feeling the water rush through your feet at the beach. If possible don’t be late to recreate those memories that brought you even a smaller smile to your face.

You might think it’s crazy. But the most important thing is that it makes you happy.

No matter what it is, even if it’s just reading a book, dancing in the rain, chasing butterflies or anything.

As long as you’re not harming yourself or someone else, physically or mentally, that too is essential in caring for yourself.

TIP #5 : Eat mindfully

Are you mindful of what you consume?  What we put into our body matters a lot when it comes to self-care. Yes, you already know that it affects your physical wellbeing.

Did you know that it can affect your mental health too? Researchers have found that inflammation in our bowels can cause stress, depression, and anxiety.

That’s why you should focus on eating better rather than only looking better.

TIP #6 : Create and enforce boundaries

Have you ever set boundaries with other people? Don’t get me wrong here. Setting up a boundary doesn’t mean that you’re going to exclude or cut out certain people from your life. This is something that some people falsely believe because it can also end up in that way.

But the primary focus on setting up boundaries is to remind you that you must take care of yourself first before anything else.

A boundary should act like a guidance for others on how they should treat you and approach you.

Believe me, this can save you from emotional or mental stress. Sometimes, physically too. Ultimately this will lead you towards better relationships with other people.

TIP #7 : Disconnect

When it comes to technology and digitalization, are you the person who is always glued to social media? Do you find it hard to spend at least 10 minutes without your mobile phone or computer?

In fact, are you addicted to scrolling through social media just to look at the photos of the people, find gossip, and chat with people? Addiction to social media can affect you negatively that you won’t be able to guess.

It’s a must to spend some time offline as well. And you have to unplug yourself from mobile phones and computers for quite a few times. For your mental well-being this is a must.

I know this is difficult. Your day-to-day work, office work and personal life requires you to be online all the time. But try, you can easily do this by tracking your habits.

Looking at screens for a long time without breaks can cause eye problems and lack of exercise can cause other physical problems too.


Self-care habits differ from person to person. But there are facts that act as pillars in practicing self-care habits. Peace of mind, eating better, and getting sufficient sleep are few among them.

We hope these 7 self-care tips will help you in your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Which tip do you like the most? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section! Thanks for reading!

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